Assessment Resources for Licensed Personnel

The Assessment Department coordinates and provides high-quality services and guidance for all state and district-mandated assessments, with a strategic focus on a Balanced Assessment System.


ACT Implementation Manual
HS Assessments for Families Brochure (intended to be printed and folded)
Folleto de Evaluaciones de Secundaria para Familias (destinado para ser impreso y doblado)

Video: HS Assessments for Families

Video: Evaluaciones de la Escuela Secundaria
ACT Schedule of Events


CRT Implementation Manual

CRT Guide for Families 3–8: Printable Brochure / Infographic

CRT Guía Para Las Familias 3–8: Folleto / Infografía

CRT Family Guide to Individual Student Reports

Exámenes de Objetivos Específicos (CRT) Una Guía para Familias sobre los Reportes Individuales de los Estudiantes

Video: What is the CRT?

Video: ¿Qué es el examen CRT?

Video: Understanding Student Score Reports

Video: Comprendiendo los Reportes de Puntaje

ELA and Math Blueprints

Practice Test and Online Tools Training

Sample Items

Starting Smarter Website

NAA Family Guide to Individual Student Reports

Guía para Familias de la Evaluación Alternativa de Nevada (NAA) sobre los Reportes Individuales de Estudiantes

Video: Understanding the Purpose and the Student Score Report (NAA)

Video: Comprensión del Propósito y del Reporte de Puntaje del Estudiante (NAA)

MAP Growth Interim

MAP Growth Implementation Manual
Remote Administration MAP Growth Implementation Manual for Educators
Family Guide to MAP Growth
Una guia familiar para MAP Growth
2024–2025 MAP Interim Testing Calendar
MAP Remote Testing Resources

Mapping the Road to College: College Explorer

SBAC Interims

SBAC Interim Implementation Manual
SBAC Interim Information for Parents


WIDA Implementation Manual
WIDA Screener Manual
WIDA Resource Library
Understanding Score Reports
Guía para las familias sobre los reportes individuales de los estudiantes

Assessment Literacy

Assessment Literacy Framework

2023–2024 Assessment Professional Learning Opportunities
Balanced Assessment System Framework

Assessment Resources

2024–2025 State-Mandated Testing Calendars
State and District Assessment Testing Times
2023–2024 CCSD Plan for Test Administration and Test Security

Common Formative and Summative Assessments Guide

Grading Practices

Grading Reform Website:
Grading Practices for Families – Reassessment (Spanish)
Grading Practices for Families – Removing Behavior from Grades (Spanish)
Grading Practices for Families – The Equity Scale (Spanish)
Grade Reform 15 Fixes: Fix 1 Reporting Student Behavior
Grade Reform 15 Fixes: Fix 12 Minimum F and Zeros
Grade Reform 15 Fixes: Fix 13 Formative vs Summative
Grade Reform 15 Fixes: Fix 15 Student Involvement
Grading Guidelines
Back-to-School Toolkit