Nevada Educator Performance Framework

This page is used to provide information, resources, and links regarding Nevada Educator Performance Framework (NEPF) evaluations in the Clark County School District.

Questions regarding NEPF evaluations and data collection in CCSD may be directed to Erik Skramstad, Director, PGS and NEPF Department, (702) 799-4747.

Student Learning Goal (SLG) Resources

Resources for establishing SLGs and creating performance tasks and rubrics are available on the Student Learning Goals page.

NEPF Evaluations

Current versions of the CCSD NEPF Summative Evaluation documents are available from the CCSD District Forms and Archives page (site may only be accessed by computers connected to a CCSD network). The Exemption Verification Tool is only available to post-probationary educators who received a highly effective rating for the two previous consecutive years and will have the final summative evaluation requirement waived for the current year: Exemption Verification Tool. Administrators should confirm the summative tool to be used for each probationary/post-probationary educator as provided on the Licensed Evaluations spreadsheet from Human Resources in September.

Current versions of the NEPF protocols, rubrics, and other resources are available on the Nevada Department of Education’s NEPF page.

2020-2021 Evaluation Updates and Evaluation Cycle Timeline

Summative ratings for teachers and building-level administrators will be based on student growth as measured by the Student Learning Goal with the weight of 15%. The Evaluation Cycle Timeline for 2020-2021 is provided to ensure completion of key tasks according to required dates. With the Nevada State Board of Education’s approval for CCSD to use an alternate evaluation tool for the 2020-2021 school year, the Evidence Collection Through Observation Cycles document provides information to ensure evidence collection to support observation cycles.

Evaluations for Other Licensed Positions

Evaluations for the following positions have been updated to include student outcome information: Behavior Mentor, Transition Specialist, Special Education Instructional Facilitator, Literacy Specialist, District Program-Based Specialist, and Site-Based Specialist.

In addition to a variety of NEPF resources, the evaluation tools and protocols for other licensed educational personnel (including school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, teacher-librarians, speech language pathologists, and school social workers) are available on the Nevada Department of Education’s NEPF page.

Alternate Observers and Alternate Evaluators

Assembly Bill 475 (2019) revised the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 391.725 to provide an opportunity to request an Alternate Evaluator for probationary educators who may have been rated as ineffective. NRS 391.690 provides post-probationary educators an opportunity to request an Alternate Observer during the third and final observation cycle if they are currently on Warning Year Status and have been notified that they may be rated as developing or ineffective during the current year based on the first or second observation cycle. Additional information is provided directly to the Region Superintendents, supervising principals, impacted educators, and the designated Alternate Evaluators in August and Alternate Observers in October.

NEPF Evaluations Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents

Guidance documents have been developed to assist school administrators in using the Teacher Evaluation Summative Rating Tool:

Do the CCSD NEPF Summative Evaluation Rating Tools work in Google Docs?

No, due to the embedded spreadsheet, the tools will not work if opened in Google Docs. The tool is a Word document with an embedded spreadsheet. Download the tool and save it locally to your computer or to a server for continued use.

The Word file can be saved to a Google Drive folder, but the file needs to be opened with Microsoft Word to be functional.

Do the CCSD Teacher/Administrator/OLEP NEPF Evaluation Summative Rating Tools work on a Mac?

Yes; however, due to the different versions of Word for Mac and the way the embedded spreadsheets function, a PC is highly suggested. Additional information about using these documents on a Mac are addressed in the CCSD NEPF Teacher Summative Evaluation Rating Tool – Technical Assistance Document.

Sample NEPF Evaluations

Sample evaluations have been created to assist school administrators in completing the Teacher Alternate Summative Evaluation Rating Tool.

SAMPLE Teacher Evaluation (Includes SLG) – Developing
SAMPLE Teacher Evaluation (Excludes SLG) – Effective

SAMPLE Administrator Evaluation (Includes SLG) – Effective

Records Retention for Summative Evaluations

Based on advice from the Office of the General Counsel, including reference to precedents in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 391.815 and U.S. § 1602.40, records, including observation notes, will be kept for a minimum of six years for licensed employees with pending suspension, demotion, dismissal, or refusal to reemploy at their separation and a minimum of three years for all other licensed employees.

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