Adopted Instructional Materials

The Curriculum and Professional Development Division leads the process of identifying and adopting core instructional materials and supplementary resources to ensure that teachers and students have access to physical and digital resources that support the Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Adopted Core Materials

The links below are downloadable PDF files that contain information regarding CCSD’s currently adopted instructional materials for core content areas. Additional information regarding the adopted instructional materials for core and non-core content areas can be obtained by contacting the appropriate content area department.

Physical copies of all adopted core materials are available for review in the library at the Curriculum and Professional Development Center.

Intervention Materials

Intervention Materials for K-12 and Supplementary Materials for K-5 English Language Arts and Mathematics were reviewed during the 2017-2018 school year. The materials were vetted and approved by content area experts. A Google Drive folder is available for school staff to view the approved intervention and supplemental materials product data forms.

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