Student Resources for Refugee School Impact Program

Language Assistance, Asistencia de idiomas, المساعدة اللغوية, Assistance linguistique, Msaada wa Lugha, የቋንቋ እርዳታ

Google Translate
Bilingual Glossaries
Khan Academy in Other Languages
Sound Integrated Guide



Tutoring Resources

Free drop-in tutoring at the libraries
Helpful Homework Resources (English / Spanish / more to come)

Other Resources

Keeping Safe: A Teen Bilingual Guide: A book for teenagers about keeping yourself safe in the United States. Un libro para jovenes sobre como protegerse en los Estados Unidos.
Refugee Center Online: Check out the awesome resources on this website! Resources are available in several languages including Kiswahili, Tagalog, Arabic, Farsi and many more!
Scholarship for immigrant and refugees
Best websites to learn English
10 Tips for Success in School


Lighthouse Charities (Flyer) – Applications open until May 31 , 2019
Other scholarships for refugees & immigrants