Long-Term Toolkit

In CCSD, there is a group of approximately 16,000 students who have been classified as an English language learner for more than 5 years. CCSD’s LTELL Model provides long-term English learners opportunities to accelerate the development of their academic literacy and language proficiency, leading to college- and career-readiness.

Understanding LTELLs

Characteristics of LTELLs, CCSD LTELL Data, LTELL References.

Identifying LTELL Needs

Learning Style Surveys, Career Interest Surveys, Growth Mindset Surveys, Self-Assessments, Videos.

Instructional Supports

Instructional practices that LTELLs need to close academic gaps and to increase English language skills.

Family Resources

Educational Family Experiences, Community activities, Bilingual Glossaries, and more.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Long-Term English Language Learner Model partners with schools to create a safe and respectful learning environment that accelerates the development of academic literacy and language proficiency. The ultimate goal is to empower long-term English language learners leading to graduate college-and career-ready.

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